Market Research Discovers Britons Unhappy About Stifled Creativity

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3rd July 2012 16:37 - Information Technology

According to a survey of the general UK population by software developer Adobe, people are increasingly under pressure at work to do more rather than act creatively.

A total of 80% of the respondents surveyed said they feel mounting pressure to be more productive instead of creative, while 78% think that creativity is in fact key to driving economic growth in Britain.

Furthermore, although 51% of the surveyants claimed they are expected to think creatively at work, only 35% feel they are living up to their creative potential.

The market research also revealed that Britons are facing significant challenges to being more creative - 46% said they don’t have enough time, 69% admitted that worry over the risk factor stifles them and 42% say they cannot afford to be creative.

Other negative obstacles affecting creativity in the UK are self-doubt, with 31% feeling they lack the confidence to be truly creative and 61% blaming the current education system for their lack of ability.

The online insight study questioned 1,000 adults who are 18 years or older. On a positive note, it also discovered that 53% of respondents felt technology inspires them to create more and gives them the tools they need to express their ideas.

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