Market Research Discovers Worst Offenders for Cyber Attacks Globally

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21st September 2012 16:10 - Information Technology

Global market research by web security firm Incapsula has demonstrated that the UK currently wears the dubious crown for launching the most cyber attacks per user session in the world.

The study broke down the number of Internet attacks by country and will now be updated on amonthly basis. Incapsula’s research didn't just analyse attack volume, it also calculated which countries are producing the highest rates of attack as a percentage of their overall user sessions.

They tracked a sample of 3,000 websites from 1 August to 14, which drew data from  200 million total user sessions on the sampled sites, serving an average of 135,000 visitors per month.

While the US and China are still the most prolific in terms of highest volume of attacks on websites, they don't have the most hackers per capita operating from within their borders.

The top statistics for global web attacks were America (48.80%), China (20.98%), the UK (9.19%), Israel (2.25%), Brazil (1.27%) and Russia (0.97%).

When it came to cyber attacks from a total number of user sessions, the UK is currently the most prolific at 0.88%, followed by Denmark (0.74%), the US (0.62%), Hungary (0.58%) and China (0.56%).

In their blog post where they presented their "Attack Heatmap" for August, Incapsula commented on the circumstances which affected the results: "The more people and PCs you have, the more attack traffic, on average, you are going to produce."

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