Market Research Finds IT Professionals Jittery About Job Longevity

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15th February 2012 17:17 - Information Technology

New research from Star, a computing and communication service provider in the UK, has revealed that as many as one in five IT Professionals predict that their current job will be gone within one year.

This job security uncertainty could give rise to the trend of valuable IT professionals jumping ship, which poses a threat to business recovery in Britain as it would leave companies without the technical leadership they vitally need to return to profitable growth.

In total, 22% of the survey respondents said they believe their current position to be secure for no more than 12 months, meaning it is highly likely that at least one in five is actively looking for a job at any given time.

Paul Watson, interim CEO of Star, commented: “Current levels of IT job insecurity are helping no-one. IT professionals are moving from job to job, thanklessly trying to maintain legacy systems inherited from their predecessors – systems that are quickly becoming obsolete. They know they are adding little in the way of business value and are often not privy to plans regarding their future. The situation is morale sapping and the resulting churn puts both business continuity and business recovery at risk.”  

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