Market Research Finds Technology Facilitating Flexible Working

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29th November 2012 18:16 - Information Technology


A survey of 1,000 UK professionals by video solutions company Polycom has shown that modern technology is boosting the expectation of employees to be permitted more flexible working arrangements.

The research findings revealed that over that last decade, the number of UK employees being allowed to work from home has doubled - from 21% to 40%. The number of employers offering flexible working arrangements to parents has also risen from 28% to 44%.

Furthermore, the survey discovered that a quarter of office workers in Britain would like their working hours to suit their lifestyle, which includes those who desire to better fit in with their partners or children, as well as those who want to avoid a troublesome commute to the office.

The market research demonstrated that this trend is being driven by the increase of communications technology used by businesses, which effectively allow employees to communicate in a more flexible way.

Face-to-face meetings and phones calls have declined, replaced by a rise in communication using email and social media. Laptop use among office workers has also nearly tripled over the last ten years to 46% of the respondents now having them for work purposes.

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