Market Research Finds UK Consumers Uninterested in TV Apps & Home 3D

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18th April 2012 17:43 - Information Technology

According to a new survey by subscription-free digital service Freeview, UK consumers are not interested in the TV based applications and 3D technology that developers and marketers seem adamant on unleashing to the public.

In total, only 6% of the 2,000 Britons polled said they cared about TV apps in the least. Furthermore, only 12% of consumers are interested in viewing these apps on their mobile and a mere 19% showed any interest in 3D TV.

The market research concluded that "consumers like technology that enhances current viewing habits." This is backed up by the surveyants responding favourably to technologies such as iPlayer (60% approval), Anytime viewing (60% approval) and enhanced programming guides (50% approval).

Despite the current lukewarm reception of the public to TV applications and 3D, Freeview nevertheless believes that in time there will be a significant turnaround in consumer opinion.

Managing Director at Freeview, Ilse Howling, commented: “Eight years ago, the iPad and social media were unimagined, while the prospect of watching the 100m final in 3D at home was no more than a pipe dream. London 2012 is gearing up to be a game changer for the television industry. In eight years time, at the 2020 Olympics, who knows what the media landscape will look like. However, this research reminds the industry that what viewers want is more control of what they watch and in an evolutionary, not revolutionary, way." 

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