Market Research Highlights Prevalence and Cost of Smartphone Damage

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17th December 2012 15:36 - Information Technology


According to a survey by warranty provider SquareTrade, smartphone accidents have cost Britons a total of £1.2bn since 2007 inrepairs and replacements, with certain demographics of people more prone to mobile misfortune than others.

Furthermore, 23% of the surveyants reported having accidently damaged their handset in the past year, with 48% of these accidents occurring around the home.

The top 5 most common accidents amongst the 2,500 smartphone users who took part in the study were their mobile having fallen out of someone's hands (26%), having fallen off a lap when standing up (15%), being immersed in a liquid such as a toilet or bathtub (14%), having liquid spilled on it (10%) and being knocked off a table or falling out a pocket (9%).

Lifestyle factors were also found to increase the likelihood of mobile accidents, with 66% occurring to people who commute using public transport, 60% to stock traders, 47% to those who read the Daily Mirror, 46% to people who are part of a big household and oddly, 37% to those who have tattoos.

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