Market Research Reveals Top UK Home Broadband Providers

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20th August 2012 17:19 - Information Technology

A new poll by news provider has seen Virgin Media take the crown for top home broadband provider amongst Britons.

The broadband customer service study, which questioned 1,068 consumers on their hypothetical views, found that out of the 'Big Six' home broadband ISPs in the UK, the most people would choose Virgin Media over any other company.

A total of 30.5% of the survey respondents opted for Virgin Media, with BT ranking in second position at 20%.

Thereafter, the 'Big Six' ratings saw Sky voted third in popularity at 14.5%, followed by O2 in fourth place at 10.7%, TalkTalk voted fifth with 5.2% and lastly Orange at 1.4%.

A further 17.5% of the consumers who took part in the market research said they would not know which of the six main home broadband providers to choose if they were restricted to only these options.

In addition, the poll discovered that nearly two thirds (63.6%) of UK broadband consumers would never return to a broadband ISP that had previously caused them problems, and 78.3% would not be prepared to sacrifice quality for a cheaper price.

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