Market Research Shows Users Unimpressed By Windows 8

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1st October 2012 11:12 - Information Technology

A recent study by, an independent support site for Microsoft’s new operating system, discovered that a mere one in four of those surveyed said that they preferred Windows 8 over the previous Windows 7 system.

The survey asked 50,000 active Windows 8 users about individual features included in the OS.  Quick boot up and shut down times was regarded as the best feature, with over half (56%) claiming it was their favourite thing about the system.

The new Metro User Interface was not particularly popular amongst most users, with only 22% choosing this feature as their favourite.  However, the study suggests that the main issue with Windows 8 is the cost, with 35% believing it is the biggest weakness that needs to be improved.

In addition, system requirements of the new OS is also a big concern among users, with 26% citing this as the most significant weakness.

There is an upside for Microsoft though.  When users were asked about their most preferred tablet, the Windows 8 Surface came out on top with 35% of the votes.  This was followed by Android with 33%, while only 26% voted for the iPad.

Windows 8 Mobile also exceeded the iPhone, with 29% saying they would rather purchase a phone with a Microsoft operating system compared to 22% preferring Apple.  However, they both have a long way to go as 42% admitted they would favour a mobile Android OS over both of the tech giants.

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