Market Research Uncovers Best and Worst Time for Speedy Broadband

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29th January 2013 14:34 - Information Technology

Comparison website uSwitch has carried out a new survey to determine the best and worst broadband areas in the UK in terms of their off-peak and on-peak drop in connection speed.

Aberdeen and Swansea were named and shamed as having the slowest average speeds during the peak time of 9pm - the Scottish city delivered only 6.08Mbps, while Swansea city was measured at 6.99Mbps.

In contrast, Birmingham had the fastest average speeds during peak periods at 12.88Mbps, closely followed by Middlesbrough at 12.87Mbps.

It was also discovered that certain regions suffered a more severe Internet speed decrease during times of high demand when built-up areas push network capacity to the brink. For example, Dudley experienced as much as a 60% drop from 31.81Mbps at 4am to 12.62Mbps at 9pm.

The market research further revealed the national average of broadband speeds at different times of the day by testing 50 densely populated areas – the worst time to stream TV programmes is at the peak hour of 9pm, since download speeds tend to fall by 28% to 10.72Mbps.

Finally, the study showed that the best time for optimal Internet speeds is 4am, when the national average is 14.83Mbps. This however is far from the perfect time to be online for most Britons.

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