Men outnumber women in IT engineering jobs, survey finds

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10th November 2017 18:39 - Information Technology

Men outnumber women in IT engineering jobs, survey finds

Men outnumber women in IT engineering jobs, survey finds: Conducted by recruitment solution company Belong, the survey was produced to raise awareness of the gender gap in the technology industry in India and revealed that men outnumber women in IT roles 3:1.

After interviewing ITeS companies (Information Technology Enabled Service) whose teams are of more than 50 employees, the survey found that for every 100 IT jobs, the ratios of male and female workers are as followed:

·       Software testing: 66:34

·       Hard-core programming: 25:74

In addition, around one third (34%) of female workers are represented in the technology industry and only one quarter (26%) of women are in engineering roles.

However, almost half (45%) of women move out of core engineering roles after around eight years - the same amount of time it takes for a woman to be promoted to a managerial role. In comparison, results found that on average men are required to have about six years’ experience to take on the same or a similar role.

The report then goes on to state that women who move out of engineering roles, typically move on to jobs in “marketing, product management or consulting”; meaning there are less women pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The survey concluded that the reason why women are leaving technology roles could be due to family commitments or wanting to start a family. However, the survey goes on to reassure readers that big companies in India are working towards recruiting female workers who have previously worked or want to continue working in the technology industry. 

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