Mobile Gaming Survey Confirms Rise in Popularity Amongst UK and US Players

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15th June 2012 14:37 - Information Technology

A new survey on behalf of PopCap has shown just how much public appetite for mobile gaming has grown - this industry in the UK and US now stands at 125 million players.

The online games manufacturer also found that 44% of these respondents have played games in the last month, measuring a rise in frequency of 29% from 2010.

In addition, there has been a large spike in new gamers at 40%, compared to only 22% in 2009. Of these new players, 9% started gaming after buying a tablet – these devices have brought in an estimated 11 million mobile users to gaming in the last year alone.

The surveyants also said they spent about 46% of all gaming time on other mobile devices. A total of 33% use their smartphones, 32% use laptops or notebooks and 18% use dedicated handhelds such as Vita or 3DS.

Furthermore, the study found that daily gaming has risen by 29% to 45% of all respondents, with 22% claiming they play more than three hours per week.

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