Most UK companies have been hacked, survey finds

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25th June 2015 13:38 - Information Technology

A recent survey by Computer Week has revealed that 96 per cent of UK companies have been hacked by cyber criminals, with the aim to Most UK companies have been hacked, survey findssteal, change or publish important data.

As well as this 9.1 per cent of businesses in the UK are not protecting themselves well enough from the dangers of hacking, despite most companies knowing that cyber-crime is becoming increasingly common.

Of those surveyed, 59 per cent said that they anticipate more cases of security threats in the future.

The survey – which questioned Global Chief Finance Officers and Finance Directors – also discovered that there has been a slow change in the character of attacks.

According to the report, malicious software affects approximately 75 per cent of large businesses and 60 per cent of small businesses, indicating that hackers are targeting SMEs and large corporations more than ever.

The companies revealed that they were having difficulty sourcing qualified members of staff who could ensure the protection of their IT systems. Of the Chief Financial Officers surveyed, more than half cited recruiting and retaining qualified employees as a main concern, with it ranking in the top 3 problems.

Of the companies in Europe, 92 per cent have been the victim of security breaches, whilst 23 per cent have not done anything to help prevent a cyber-attack.

When looking at the United States, 80 per cent of businesses revealed that they have been hacked. Whereas in Asia, Africa and Latin America, the proportion remained at 85 per cent.

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