NSPCC survey uncovers the most dangerous social media for youngsters

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26th April 2016 11:14 - Information Technology

According to a survey by the children’s charity, NSPCC, approximately 50 per cent of school children have viewed adult material on social media websites, applications and games, such as sexual and violent content.NSPCC survey uncovers the most dangerous social media for youngsters

Further to this statistic, some 80 per cent admitted to going against website rules and joining social media platforms before the age of 13, which is the current minimum age.

The bosses of the NSPCC are calling for parents and guardians to monitor their children’s internet, apps and games usage.

The NSPCC surveyed 1,725 youths and children, as well as in excess of 500 parents and discovered the top 5 most cited websites for viewing adult material.

The most frequently cited website for viewing adult content was Sickipedia, with 100 per cent of the children having had been on the website, followed by Chatroulette (92 per cent), Omegle (89 per cent), Ask.fm (88 per cent) and Yik Yak (74 per cent).

The young people also cited the following websites as ones which they have seen adult content on: Deviant Art, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tinder, Facebook, Bin Weevils, Boom Beach, KIK, Tapped Out, Vine, Moshi Monsters, Pinterest, Skype, Meet Me, Minecraft, Snapchat, Youtube Tumblr and Twitter.

The NSPCC claimed that the statistics place the spotlight on the places where young people and children are viewing inappropriate material on the internet.

In the last four years, the NSPCC’s schools service has been discussing how to be happy and safe online, as well as taking about all forms of abuse, with primary school children throughout South West England.

In Plymouth, the children’s charity has spoken with 3,586 children and in Devon, it has spoken with 15,929.

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