Nearly two thirds of Brits fear their home smart devices could be hacked, reveals survey

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3rd March 2020 12:01 - Information Technology

Nearly two thirds of Brits fear their home smart devices could be hacked: A survey by specialist insurer, Ecclesiastical, has revealed that 64% of people in the UK have concerns that the smart devices they use in their home might be hacked. 

The survey of 2,012 adults found 63% have concerns about the data being captured by their smart devices, with six in ten revealing fears about who outside of their home might be listening to these devices.

According to the survey, just under half the respondents polled have a smart home device - however, the average owner has a network of at least three devices connected within their home. More than half those polled said they had a smart TV (56%), the most popular smart home device according to the poll, followed by voice activated smart speakers (41%), smart heating (20%) smart lighting (17%) and smart security cameras (12%). 

The research also asked smart device users about the ways they interact with their smart speaker. The most popular response was to play music, with over three-quarters using their speaker in this way (77%), followed by as a means to check the weather forecast (59%). Other uses include to find out information (46%), check the news (44%) and control their smart home devices (28%). 

The survey also raised concerns over accidental purchases, with one in five revealing that they themselves, or a family member, have bought something unintentionally via a piece of voice assisted smart home technology.

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