New Research Reveals Digital Habits of UK Children

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25th February 2011 18:20 - Information Technology

An online survey of 262 children and an exclusive qualitative research project, both commissioned by New Media Age, have uncovered the current digital user habits of the UK’s youth.

The online survey revealed that the internet is most important to 8-15 year olds. The children surveyed said they’d be lost without the web, with 29.8% saying the internet was more crucial to their lives than mobile phones (28.6%) or TV (19.5%), and the figure at 38% for boys.

The qualitative the research project featured focus groups with 9-15 year olds; it looked at how children interact with computers, mobiles and web-connected devices.

The results demonstrated how intertwined the web is with the lives of young people in the UK. Those who took part said they would be “lost” without the internet, while others said Facebook was their “lifeline”.

Today’s youth are also proving to be familiar with using a wide range of web-enabled devices, from computers and games consoles to mobiles and TVs.

This latest research underscores the fact that UK children have more access to web-enabled devices than ever before. Recent UKOM data shows that about 4.7m 6-17 year olds went online in January, which is just under 12% of the entire internet population in the UK.

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