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22nd June 2012 15:08 - Information Technology

The Unisys Security Index has recently conducted a survey which reveals that security fears amongst the British public have reached their highest point in four years.

The study is part of an ongoing tracking exercise, which was begun in 2007. The index provides an insight into consumer’s security concerns and the issues that matter to the public today. A total of 11,715 people in 12 countries took part.

Banking fraud, identity theft and terrorism are currently topping the list. In addition, two thirds of Britons think that large public gatherings, the recent royal wedding and the coming Olympics for example, could be targets for attacks, while 74% are concerned about the vulnerability of airports and aeroplanes to potential threats.

Figures released by the UK fraud prevention service, CIFAS, have further shown that more than 102,500 cases of fraud relating to bank cards were detected in 2010 and it is thought that many more cases went unreported. A total of 93% of UK respondents were worried about the issue, with 92% being equally concerned with the issue of identity theft.

The number of people worried about their financial obligations has also doubled in the six months since the survey last took place.

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