Older employees more likely to adopt cyber security best practice, than younger generations, reveals research

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23rd October 2019 13:04 - Information Technology

Older employees more likely to adopt cyber security best practice, than younger generations: Research looking at the behaviour and attitudes of employees with regard to cyber security has shown that younger workers (Gen Z and Gen X) who have grown up in the digital age are less likely to practice good behaviour when it comes to cyber security than those over the age of 30. 

The global research was commissioned by leading tech services company, NTT ltd and polled senior decision makers outside of IT departments across 20 countries and at 2,256 organisations. It found that while employees over the age of 30 in the UK, US, Scandinavia and Hong Kong are better when it comes to their cyber security behaviours, the reverse was true in France and Brazil, where the under 30s were better. 

The research also found that overall, younger employees were more anxious about how their company would deal with security threats and cybersecurity. When asked about their company's ability to deal with a cybersecurity breach, younger workers were more sceptical about how their company would fare, with 58% not believing they had the required skills. This compares to a quarter (26%) of those over the age of 30. 

Asking about the amount of time it would take to recover if their company experienced a security breach, those under 30 estimated 97 days, compared to the 91 days suggested by the over 30s

The survey found that younger workers are more willing to take risks. For example, more than half (52%) of the respondents polled under age 30 said they would consider paying a hacker a ransom, compared to just a quarter (26%) of those aged 30 and over. 

The research also found that the majority of both age groups felt the issue of cyber security should regularly be discussed during boardroom meetings, although the feeling was stronger with those over the age of 30 (90% vs 82% of those under 30).

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