Older tech workers worry about losing their jobs, survey finds

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3rd November 2017 12:22 - Information Technology

Older tech workers worry about losing their jobs, survey finds

Older tech workers worry about losing their jobs, survey finds: Conducted by Indeed.com, the survey was included in a report titled ‘Ageism in the Tech Industry’ which reveals why workers (whom aren’t classified as Millennials) are anxious about the future of their employment.

Figures revealed that out of 1,011 US tech employees, over two fifths (43%) worry about losing their job because of their age. Additionally, 18% say they worry about this all the time and over one third (39%) could recall a time when they were not taken seriously by their colleagues/manager because of their age. 

Some tech pioneers and employers often hire the younger generation because of their evolved relationship with technology and their willingness to work overtime due to lack of commitments.

According to the report, respondents were also asked to identify the average age of employees working in their company. Respondents provided the following figures:

·       20-30yrs (17%)

·       31-35yrs (29%)

·       36-40yrs (27%)

·       40+yrs (26%)

Overall, the survey concluded that almost half (46%) of tech companies’ employees are Millennials, however over one fifth (23%) of survey respondents believed that Millennials are somewhat over represented in the technology sector.

Additionally, over three quarters (78%) of those surveyed believed that workers over the age of 40 are highly qualified, while 83% thought older workers bring good experience and wisdom to the team.

Written in the report, Senior Vice President of Product at Indeed, Raj Mukherjee, commented on how he thinks companies can better develop their workforce: “A focus on other generations’ needs should go beyond the hiring process: companies should also be identifying and implementing culture initiatives and benefits that cater to not only Millennials, but other generations. For instance, while younger workers may want more happy hours, older workers may want more time to be with their families.”

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