People would rather give up alcohol than the internet, survey finds

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31st December 2014 12:04 - Information Technology

A recent survey, courtesy of Boston Consulting Group, has revealed that 58 per cent of people would rather give up alcohol for a week than lose their internet connection.People would rather give up alcohol than the internet, survey finds

The findings also revealed that 50 per cent of the respondents would prefer to give up coffee and films for a week, than their smartphones.

Boston Consulting Group surveyed 1,000 users of smartphones and tablet devices across Europe - specifically  the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain.

The aim of the survey was to put the rising dependence of gadgets, within the lifestyles of consumers, into the spotlight.

Rather than give up their mobile handsets, 77 per cent of participants would rather give up fast food and 22 per cent would rather give up their cars and adopt a less plush form of transport.

Also, 17 per cent of respondents would rather give up intercourse and keep their mobile phone.

A further 9 per cent of respondents would rather go unwashed for a week, rather than lose their internet connectivity.

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