Poll Finds Britons Unimpressed by 3D

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29th September 2011 16:23 - Information Technology

According to a new YouGov study, despite manufacturers and the government itself pushing 3D into the consumer marketplace, the UK public is not warming to the idea - 3D movies are still viewed as gimmicky.

The YouGov survey measured the habits of UK cinemagoers. It found that while 47% of the 2,796 Britons surveyed said that they would watch a 3D movie over a 2D movie, 48% claimed they would not bother to spend any more money to view a 3D movie instead of a traditional 2D one.

In total, 41% of the surveyants totally agree that 3D is still a gimmick, compared to 22% who do not.

In addition, when asked whether 3D is the future of cinema, a mere 27% strongly agree, while 33% totally disagreed.

Just 19% of those polled said that 3D improves the quality of a movie, compared to 36% who don’t agree.

And although it has been much discussed that the glasses necessary for 3D viewing are the main barrier to consumer uptake, the survey discovered that 40% said getting rid of the glasses would not affect their opinion of 3D.

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