Poll Reveals How the iPad Has Changed Media Consumption

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28th March 2011 16:39 - Information Technology

A poll of 1,007 iPad owners in the UK, conducted for YouGov/Seven Publishing, has revealed how the device has changed media consumption habits.

All in all, laptop use amongst those surveyed saw a decrease of 36%, desktop use is down 31% and watching TV down 10%.

A major finding was that the iPad has increased gaming by 40% in total. Women are more likely to play games on their iPad on a frequent basis at 56% than men who rank at 43%.

Using the internet is the most frequent (at least every other day) iPad use, with 75% of those surveyed using their iPad to go online. In total, almost two-thirds (63%) use the device for emailing, 48% for playing games and 41% for social networking, while 25% use it for listening to music and 13% for reading magazines.

The poll also saw 18% of respondents using their iPad mainly for functional purposes and 53% mainly for entertainment reasons, with entertainment use peaking at 71% between 7pm and 9pm.
Another discovery was that 47% use the device when travelling for pleasure, 20% during business travel and 19% when commuting.

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