Poll Reveals Inadequate Business IT Security to Tackle Rising Threats

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30th October 2012 17:36 - Information Technology


The latest survey by Ernst & Young, which polled 1,850 CIOs, CISOs and other IT executives from around the world, has uncovered growing concern over external security attacks targeting organisations.

Nine out of ten UK IT leaders (in contrast to four out of ten in 2009) reported that the number of external security attacks on their company is on the rise.

Ernst & Young's 15th Global Information Security Survey 2012 also found 88% of UK organisations have seen an increase in external attacks compared to last year – a rise from 72% in 2011 and 41% in 2009.

The market research also looked into current views on cloud computing amongst IT professionals. While three quarters (77%) of the respondents are now using cloud services, a fifth said they had taken no security measures to cover the associated risk and a further 64% of respondents admitted to having no security architecture framework in place for tackling cloud computing

When questioned about the obstacles to improving their security measures, 57% blamed it on a lack of specialist skills which forces their organisation to focus on short-term solutions to IT security issues instead of dealing comprehensively with the overall threat. In addition, over half (61%) of the surveyants cited budget constraints as the main barrier to their company's information security strategy.

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