Poll Sees UK Workers Increasingly Smartphone Gaming during Company Time

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29th April 2013 17:14 - Information Technology


Market research by mobile casino game developer Fortune Friendly, covering 2,000 UK smartphone-owning adults, has measured people’s attitudes to technology and found major changes in less than a decade.

The majority of those polled admitted to spending up to an hour a week gaming using their handsets on company time, costing the UK economy of as much as £355 million.

Not even ten years ago, in 2005, 80% of UK workers felt that sending or even reading a text message during office hours was extremely bad form. Currently however, as smartphone ownership in the UK has now surpassed the 50% mark, only 9% of respondents said they do not use their devices at all during the working day.

Furthermore, the poll discovered that 57% of people check their phone as much as once every 10 minutes, and that an alarmingly large amount of respondents at 69% admitted to using their devices even while on the toilet.

Meanwhile, recent studies both in the UK and US have shown that gaming and social media have without a doubt established themselves as the most popular use of smartphones.

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