Poll Shows Consumers Detest Pop-Up Ads on Mobile Devices

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1st August 2013 15:26 - Information Technology

An online survey conducted by digital advertising company Vibrant Media on consumer attitudes to digital communication methods has shown that as many as eight out of 10 people who took part in the study (79%) are annoyed by ads which self-initiate on their handheld devices, while 45% feel ‘very annoyed’.

In total, 77% of the surveyants feel least in control of ads appearing on their mobile phones. Nearly half at 48% claimed they feel least in control of ads on both smartphones and tablets (ahead of social media, browsing the Internet, instant messaging, email, text messaging and making or taking marketing phone calls).

Furthermore, 51% of consumers said they mostly initiate ads on their mobile devices by mistake, while two thirds of smartphone and tablet users claimed they prefer advertising that they choose to initiate on their own.

The study highlights the disparity between widely implemented digital marketing methods and consumer preferences. UK Sales Director at Vibrant Media, Tom Pepper, commented: “Consumers want to feel empowered by their digital content experience, not annoyed. Many mobile ad formats are interruptive... To build meaningful relationships with consumers, brands need to deliver a positive user experience, which means using ad formats which respect the consumer and their device.” 

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