Poll Shows UK Has Highest Demand in Europe for Online Contractors

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7th November 2011 17:06 - Information Technology

A poll by Internet freelance recruitment service Elance has shown that the UK takes on more online contractors than anywhere else in Europe.

The study has revealed that PAYE umbrella contractors and other freelance workers are in great demand here - UK businesses were shown to have increased their hiring of web-based freelancers by 55% since the third quarter of 2010.

This places the UK ahead of the next biggest country to have a high demand for online freelancers, Germany. Switzerland and the Netherlands are next in line.

Fabio Rosati, Elance CEO, commented: “Across the country, businesses are embracing the flexibility that a freelance workforce offers and contractors are snapping up opportunities to work online at a time when traditional employment routes are flat-lining.”

He added: “Across our platform, companies are using freelancers to change the way they work and succeed like never before.”

The poll also revealed that London hires the most contractors within the UK, while Birmingham has seen significant growth in online contractor uptake at 89%, Reading 59% and Edinburgh 40%.

In terms of IT skills, PHP programmers and WordPress programmers that in highest demand.

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