Poll Uncovers Public Perception of 3D Technology

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10th April 2012 17:15 - Information Technology

A new poll published on 3dfocus.co.uk has revealed what Britons think about 3D entertainment.

The question: “Do you think 3D will become truly ubiquitous? (ATM screens, portable DVD players, websites etc.)” received 772 responses, of which 49% said yes, 38% said no, and 13% said they didn’t know.

This indicates that 3D will not become commonplace because a lot of applications simply do not require it – for example, 3D would offer no benefits to ATM display.

When asked whether 3D warrants its price premium at the cinema, 17% of the 783 surveyants said yes, 35% said no and 48% said yes if shot in 3D but no if converted from 2D. A recent report however suggested that if the price of 2D films increases this will become a mute point. 

The question: “How important will 3D be in your next computer choice?” received 750 responses, of which 20% voted it as essential, 29% said it would be nice to have, 31% said it would not have any influence in their decision an 20% claimed they would only be interested if it was a glasses-free 3D computer.

Finally, when asked about their perceptions of 3DTV, 173 of the 532 voters said they find the sets too pricey, 187 claimed 3D services are too expensive, 177 said the glasses are not affordable and  247 said there is nothing/very little to watch on them.

On the other end of the spectrum (people were allowed to select more than one option on this question), 199 respondents felt that 3D represents technology reaching a compelling/exciting level and 275 claimed its the next best form of home entertainment.  

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