Research Finds Many UK Workers In The Dark About Cyber Security

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22nd June 2012 15:01 - Information Technology

According to a survey of 700 UK workers by security firm Guidance Software, employers are failing to adequately warn their employees about malicious software and the loss of critical information.

In total, 64% of those surveyed had not undertaken training or received material to educate them on IT security issues regarding malware or computer viruses and how to avoid them. Many individuals wrongly believed that cyber security is the responsibility of the IT department and not their concern.
Guidance Software’s, Frank Coggrave commented: "What is most concerning about this data is the chasm that exists between businesses and their employees.”

He added: "A large proportion of workers clearly believe they play an important role in protecting against malware attacks and keeping data secure and half understand the risks associated with devices. But the majority are not being adequately trained."

In total, 50% of employees believed that it was acceptable to attach their own personal devices to their work machines and therefore their company’s networks. This in fact greatly increases the risk of them bringing malicious software into the office from their own homes.

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