Research Shows Large Number of UK Consumers Trying Out Mobile Commerce

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8th April 2011 15:00 - Information Technology

Customer behaviour analysis company Tealeaf has carried out a survey which shows that over 10 million UK consumers last year made a buying transaction on their mobile device.
CMO of Tealeaf, Geoff Galat, commented: “Everyone talks about the momentum in the mobile channel and customers continue to show an increasing appetite for carrying out transactions on these devices...”

Among the mobile users surveyed, shopping was the most popular mobile activity, with insurance payments, financial transactions and travel bookings also proving popular.

Not every user was happy with the experience however, with 66% of users saying that they would be unlikely to use the same company again if they experienced a problem with the mobile transaction, including via other access options. A total of 9% said they would never make a mobile transaction again if they experienced a problem.

Of those polled, 86% had experienced some issues with mobile purchases and 87% of these shoppers said that they had shared the story of their experiences with others.  A further 61% claimed that they would discourage friends and family from using a problematic app, website or company.

Mr Galat added: “At present, mobile consumers find the convenience of transacting anywhere is offset by unsatisfying and unproductive experiences.”

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