Research Shows WI-FI Significantly Slows Home Broadband Speeds

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10th March 2011 17:33 - Information Technology

A new study has shown that home broadband users are getting much slower speeds when using WI-FI compared to a fixed line connection.

The research, carried out by network measurement company Epitiro, ran one million tests over 14,000 WI-FI connections in the UK, US, Spain and Italy. The results showed they produced a 30% drop-off compared to the actual speed coming into the home.

Iain Wood from Epitiro said that their researchers were “surprised" by the amount of drop-off in speed but that the majority of consumers would not notice the slower connection because web surfing uses up relatively small amounts of data.

He commented: "Most of us do e-mailing and web surfing and for these things there is precious little difference between the 50Mb/s services and an 8Mb/s service."

However, users who enjoy downloading video or watching IPTV would find the speed degradation more noticeable.
The results of the study also suggest that users are prepared to tolerate slower speeds in exchange for the freedom that WI-FI allows. Mr Wood explained: "People are voting with their feet and trading speed for the benefits of mobility."

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