Research Uncovers Slack London Broadband Speeds Still Present

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22nd June 2012 15:01 - Information Technology

A new survey of internet users by has found that some areas of the capital are still struggling with slow broadband connections.

The study was based on 150,000 speed tests in the past 12 months. Lewisham has ranked as the slowest area for internet speeds, with an average download rate of around 25 hours compared to the norm of 58 minutes in other areas.
This internet speed issue is now playing an important role in people’s choice of location.  Gadget website Electric Pig’s James Holland commented: “It makes a real impact on choosing where you live, as people rely on the internet so much. People will research the speed they can get at an address before making any decisions.”

He added: "Things have become so bad in a lot of homes that householders now use 3G mobile phone dongles more and more because it can be so slow for people connecting via the traditional telephone network."

In total, Tower Hamlets was found to have the slowest average broadband connection amongst London boroughs, with a 6.7Mb rating compared to the 13.24Mb speeds enjoyed in the City of London.

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