Research reveals 13 million functioning computers thrown away since 2011

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10th November 2016 12:18 - Information Technology

Research reveals 13 million functioning computers thrown away since 2011: According to a recent survey, approximately one fifth (21 per cent) of British people have discarded at least one functioning computer in the last five years, before purchasing a newer model.Research reveals 13 million functioning computers thrown away since 2011

After examining the Office for National Statistics’ population figures for the United Kingdom, it was concluded that 13.87 million working computers have been thrown away in the last five years, by British people.

When looking at the reasons behind the disposal of the computers, 45 per cent said that they discarded their PC because it had gotten slower. A further 32 per cent said that they threw their computer away because it took too long to turn on, and a further 29 per cent said that their computer frequently froze.

Of the 2,000 individuals in the survey, more than one in three (36 per cent) British people disposed of their PC because they wanted to upgrade theirs to a newer and more powerful model. Just 18 per cent of the survey respondents passed their old computer to someone else, 14 per cent recycled it and only 6 per cent gave their system an upgrade with new internal components.

The researchers said that one fifth of British people (or 21 per cent) have unused, working computers within their home, which could be upgraded to bring them back to life.

The average British people was found to have owned two computers in the last five years and is replacing their PCs far more frequently than business users. When the researchers spoke to leading IT managers, they discovered that the average business computer lasts three to four years before being thrown away. This finding was based on data from March 2016, from a survey of 353 IT decision makers from the UK, the US, France and Germany.

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