Research reveals the Google searches we’re making during COVID-19 lockdown (as well as those we’re not…)

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24th April 2020 08:28 - Information Technology

Research reveals the Google searches we’re making during COVID-19 lockdown: With life as we knew it paused for a while and the nation adjusting to a new sense of reality, research has revealed the Google searches we're making during lockdown. 

Online marketing agency, Reboot, used Google Trends and SEMrush over the last 90 days to reveal the search term which have increased, as well as the ones that have fallen during this time. It reveals some interesting insight into how people in the UK are approaching lockdown, and how we are spending our time. 

Of all the search terms they inputted (topics were collated based on general research and current trending news), 'rent gym equipment' increased the most, rising by a whopping 3600%. This suggests that fitness lovers who are unable to get out to their regular gym are looking to set up their own versions at home. 

It looks like being unable to dine out is also having an impact on searches, with terms such as 'pubs delivering to me' (+3100%), 'fish and chips near me' (+2900%), 'baking recipes' (+2500%) and 'things to make with plain flour' (+2250%) also increasing massively.

The data shows that people are also looking for new ways to work out and stay trim during this time, with 'yoga online classes' up 800%, ‘home workout’ up 700% and 'how to lose weight' up by 669%. 

Unsurprisingly, the number of people searching for 'Coronavirus Cure' has also increased by 1700%. 

The research also looked at search terms which have decreased since the outbreak began, with 'city breaks' down by 99%, 'travel insurance' down by 97% and 'cinema times' also down. Other findings revealed that 'get a divorce'  searches are down by 62%, while 'home birth' is up by 128%. 

Increasing Searches:

Rent gym equipment - +3600%

Pubs delivering food to me - +3100%

Fish and chips near me - +2900%

Baking recipes - +2500%

Things to make with plain flour - +2250%

Supermarket opening times - +2025%

Coronavirus cure - +1700%

Grow plants - +1150%

Local farm delivery - +900%

Yoga online courses - +800%

Home workout - +700%

Online pharmacy delivery +700%

Restaurants delivering  near me - +700%

Flour - +690%

How to lose weight - +669%

Allotments - +575%

Wholesale foods - +417%

Cycle routes - +400%

Banana cake - +321%

Online games - +258%

Decreasing Searches:

City breaks -99%

Travel insurance - 97%

Cinema times - 97%

Taxi to airport -97%

Ticketmaster - 95%

Holiday insurance - 93%

Comic con -93%

Pubs near me - 92%

Gyms near me -91%

Nail salons -91%

Restaurants near me - 90%

Wedding insurance - 89%

Hen party -88%

Camping sites -87%

Flights - 86%

Prom dress - 85%

Conventions - 84%

Hairdresser - 83%

Dog shows - 82%

Breakdown cover -80%


Other findings:

Botox (-66%)

Condoms (-65%)

Get a divorce (-62%)

Houses for sale (-38%)

Hairdresser Scissor (+250%)

Netflix (+128%)

Home birth (+128%)

Virtual holiday (+55%)

How to get pregnant (+12%)


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