Scottish technology companies are optimistic about future, survey finds

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28th March 2017 11:33 - Information Technology

Scottish technology companies are optimistic about future, survey finds: A recent survey of digital technology companies in Scotland has revealed that the industry has witnessed sustained growth during the last calendar year (2016) and is optimistic about the future.

The market researchers who conducted the survey found that approximately 70 per cent of the companies questioned reported a rise in sales. Some Scottish technology companies said that they had seen a growth in sales of more than 50 per cent. Further to this, the Scottish Technology Industry Survey also uncovered that 82 per cent of businesses were expecting sales to increase further in 2017.

The number of technology firms who are expecting a rise in employment was also higher than the previous survey, with 78 per cent of the respondents saying that they expect to employ more staff in 2017 in comparison to 66 per cent of firms who expected to hire more personnel in 2016.

The survey was conducted on behalf of the digital technologies trade body, ScotlandIS.

The Chief Executive of ScotlandIS said that the findings of this year's survey reveal that the confidence and resilience of the digital technologies industry is continuing to grow and maintain its positive outlook, regardless of political uncertainties.

She also added that it is a positive thing for not just for the manufacturing industry, but also for the UK’s economy as a whole. The digital technologies industry generates over £5 billion in GVA (gross value added) for Scotland annually and is increasingly vital in our digital world.

However, ScotlandIS claimed that a shortage of talent is still a problem for many companies. For the first time since 2013, demand for experienced staff outstripped that for graduates.

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