Seven out of 10 of teachers are more prepared for offering 'hybrid' learning as a result of Covid-19 pandemic, reveals survey

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8th October 2020 12:34 - Information Technology

Seven out of 10 of teachers are more prepared for offering 'hybrid learning' as a result of Covid-19 pandemic: A piece of research questioning primary and secondary school teachers has found that the majority are now more prepared for providing hybrid learning, with 69% 'confident in accessing the right skills'. Three in 10, however said they are not confident.

The survey of 1,000 teachers conducted by Microsoft and YouGov found that 88% of the teachers polled believe that Covid-19 has accelerated 'hybrid learning': education which involves learning within a classroom setting at school as well as through using technology at home. 

Despite schools reopening after a period of lockdown, three-quarters of teachers polled (75%) expect that pupils will need to continue using digital tools as part of their education at home. 

Four out of 10 teachers revealed in the survey that before the pandemic, their school did not use online or digital learning platforms, which was even greater amongst respondents from primary schools ( 54%). Almost three-quarters of the teachers polled (74%) said that they now see online learning and digital options as 'vital' to primary and secondary education. 

The study asked teachers about the challenges they forsee or have experienced when delivering hybrid learning to students, finding that concerns include: 'ensuring adequate and fair access for students to technology and data' (71%), 'providing adequate support for students with special educational needs and disabilities and vulnerable students' (67%), 'lack of face-to-face time' (65%), and 'student welfare, social and emotional development' (53%).  
Other concerns highlighted were the 'ability to teach effectively' (51%), 'safeguarding' (50%), and 'student screen time' (50%).
Microsoft UK education director Chris Rothwell said: “It’s critical that schools, students, teachers and IT departments have access to the software, tools, training and practical guidance that will allow them to achieve their full potential in the classroom."

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