Seven out of 10 software developers believe digital transformation 'more of a priority' since Covid-19, reveals survey

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12th November 2020 17:44 - Information Technology

Seven out of 10 software developers believe digital transformation 'more of a priority' since Covid-19: A survey of software developers polled in an industry survey has revealed that 70% believe that the digital transformation of their organisation has become more of a priority since the outbreak of Covid-19.

The survey was conducted in October this year (2020) by content services firm, Nuxeo, polling 200 UK software developers. 

It found that 47% do not have the tools needed to build applications and products as quickly as they need to in order to meet deadlines, while almost half said that their organisation has had to abandon application projects as they were taking too long.

Almost two-thirds of the software developers polled said they have increased their use of low-code development tools this year, responding to the demand for content-based applications built at speed.

The report produced using the survey findings, titled ‘The Low-Code Imperative' looks at software developers' use of low-code development tools and how this has changed since Covid-19 impacted organisations and their working practices.

Benefits of low-code development tools

When asked about the advantages of low-code development tools, the research found that 35% of software developers find they 'simplify the development process', while a quarter said they are useful in differentiating a brand (25%). Other answers given included 'helping the company be more innovative' (25%), and 'improving the customer experience' (24%).

Developers also gave insight into the personal benefits gained by using low-code development tools, including 'making more effective use of their time' (34%), enabling them to do 'more varied and interesting work' (32%), and 'bringing more value to their organisation' (29%).

More than two-fifths of the respondents polled (43%) said it takes more than three months in their organisation to complete a typical content-based application. Reasons for abandonment of projects included 'an ability to react quickly enough to changing market requirements' (22%) and the project taking too long (15%). 

By 2022, more than two-fifths of developers would like to see more than half their organisation’s app development be low-code.

Chris McLaughlin, chief product and marketing officer at Nuxeo said:

"The pandemic has only served to accelerate digital transformation programmes that were already underway, with businesses having to shift further online, provide new customer experiences and deliver better products quicker than ever.”

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