Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device to access the internet

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6th August 2015 12:40 - Information Technology

Ofcom’s latest Communications Market Report has revealed that smartphones have overtaken laptops as British people’s most favoured Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device to access the internetmethod of accessing the internet. The findings have been attributed to society’s love of taking selfies.

The report has revealed that adults in the United Kingdom prefer to browse the internet via a smartphone, as opposed to a computer. Of the respondents, 33 per cent said that they prefer to use their smartphone for internet browsing, whereas 30 per cent prefer a laptop. The findings represent a notable increase in smartphone browsing, with last year’s figures showing that 23 per cent preferred to browse on a mobile in 2014, as opposed to 40 per cent who preferred a laptop.

In the 1st quarter of 2015, 93 per cent of adults in the United Kingdom had a mobile phone and 71 per cent said they had a smartphone, up 27 per cent on 2012.

Director of Market Intelligence at Ofcom, Jane Rumble, said:

"We've reached a landmark moment where the smartphone has become the most important way for people to get online. Just last year laptops were in first place."

The change has resulted in users of smartphones becoming hooked, said Ofcom, with 48 per cent of the respondents scoring themselves around 7 out of 10 or above when asked how hooked they are to their mobile phone.

Of the respondents, smartphone users revealed they spend an average of nearly 2 hours (114 minutes) a day on the internet, on their mobile. This figures in nearly double the amount that the average adult spends browsing on a laptop (69 minutes).

The research discovered that 1.2 billion selfies have been taken in the UK in the last 12 months.

Rumble said of the findings: "Potentially this use of smartphones is fuelling the selfie phenomenon: 31 per cent of adults admit to taking a selfie, and just over one in 10 said that they take a selfie at least once a week,"

The report also revealed that 4G is becoming more prominent, with approximately 30 per cent of Brits saying that they have access to 4G technology, which equates to 45 per cent of the UK smartphone users, up 28 percentage points since last year.

It was also found that 4G users did more banking, video watching and instant messaging, than the respondents without it, however, no link was found between 4G and how many selfies are taken.

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