Study Finds Top Information Officers Believe Cloud Computing Is Over-Hyped

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22nd June 2012 14:58 - Information Technology

A Vanson Bourne survey of 250 UK Chief Information Officers  has revealed that cloud computing, which provides on-demand computer resources and storage from a network rather than a via local computers, doesn’t seem to have revolutionised the IT world as much as initial claims predicted.

In total, 86% of respondents thought cloud-computing to be over hyped, with 74% thinking the shift towards this new technology is no different from previous passing trends.

The top three concerns amongst IT industry leaders have not changed since the cloud revolution, with security, cost cutting and migration remaining as crucial issues.

Keith Tilley, UK Managing Director of SunGard Availability Services, commented: “Businesses are looking to exploit the cloud’s potential, but they’re not willing to give up the security or resilience of their data. And as data continues to grow at an alarming rate, the pressure on CIOs to ensure it’s always available to the organisation will only increase, regardless of the platform on which businesses’ data is delivered or stored.”

Speaking further on the issue, the CIO at Weightmans Solicitors, Stuart Whittle added: “Data is of absolutely no use if it’s unavailable when the business needs it.

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