Survey Discovers Over 50s in Britain Love Techy Gadgets

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17th October 2012 17:05 - Information Technology


According to a recent survey by the Gadget Show Live Christmas, older Britons love their techy toys as much as the younger generation.

The study showed that Britain has become a nation of avid GOOFs – in other words, Gadget Obsessed Over Fifties.

This age demographic were found to own almost as many tech gadgets than their counterparts who are half their age.

In total, three-quarters of respondents over 50 own a smartphone, while 71% have a flatscreen TV. Additionally, four in ten or 40% of ‘GOOFs’ own a tablet of some sort, and the same amount have a Kindle e-reader.

A further third of these surveyants said they owned a portable games console, with one in five having an Xbox, PS3 or Wii. The same percentage claimed to use a fitness app or game.

The market research also revealed the most popular gadgets amongst over 50 year olds - digital cameras and laptops. Almost all those surveyed at 94% now own a digital camera, while eight in ten have a laptop.

Matt Hodgins, Event Director for the Gadget Show Live Christmas, commented: “This proves that gadgets hold as much, and sometimes more, appeal to older generations than younger ones. The over-50s often have more disposable cash for high end products such as tablets and flatscreen televisions and have more time to enjoy them, too.”

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