Survey Discovers UK Public Feels Vulnerable to Cybercrime

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30th May 2013 14:56 - Information Technology

According to recent Information Technology market research by global risk-based security and compliance management firm Tripwire, the majority of Britons have concerns about cyber attacks.

The survey questioned over 1,000 UK adults about their opinions on cybercrime – a total of 53% claimed they are worried about foreign countries causing damage by launching cyber attacks against Britain.

In addition, 40% of respondents admitted they feel more vulnerable to cybercrime now than they did a year ago, since they have either already suffered a security breach or they are aware it is simply a matter of time before they suffer a hacking episode.

Further findings from the study revealed that 38% of the surveyants believe their personal data may have been compromised as a result of a cyber attack on an organisation they do business with.

Chief Technology Officer at Tripwire, Dwayne Melancon, commented: "While those of us in the information security space have long known the dangers nation-state cyber attacks present, the extent to which the general public in the UK is aware of these threats - and concerned about them - underscores the increasing frequency and intensity of cyber attacks both in the UK and around the world."

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