Survey Finds Data Loss Vulnerability in Cloud Technology

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6th October 2011 19:55 - Information Technology

A survey of IT professionals by data recovery provider Kroll Ontrack has shown that 65% of organisations have frequently experienced data loss from virtual environments in the last 12 months.

This figure represents a 140% increase in virtual data loss compared to what was reported in the same survey last year.

In addition, when asked about their cloud provider’s ability to properly handle data loss incidents, more than half of the respondents at 55% claimed lack of confidence.

Robert Winter, Manager of Data Recovery Operations at Kroll Ontrack UK, commented: “Organisations are increasingly aware that any failure within the virtual infrastructure can have dramatic consequences for the business as a whole. Virtualisation contracts often claim no liability for data corruption, deletion, destruction or loss. As a result, it is critical for organisations to include a data recovery service provider in their business continuity plans.”

He added: “The best ‘umbrella’ to have when adopting cloud technology is to require your cloud service provider to partner with a reputable, full-service data recovery company.”

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