Survey Finds Digital Technology Is Helping To Boost Performing Arts Audience Figures

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13th November 2013 11:13 - Information Technology

New research carried out by Nesta and the Arts Council England has revealed that around a third (31%) of performing arts organisations in England are enjoying a significant boost to audience levels thanks to digital technology.

Around half (51%) of venues and thirty per cent of groups claimed to be seeing high audience numbers due to digital activity such as live streaming, online archives of work, social media usage, email newsletters and websites sales.

The research went on to discover that three in ten (31%) of performing arts venues stated they had seen a positive impact on revenues, which is a significant proportion compared to just seven per cent of performance groups.  Furthermore, when it comes to digital technology almost forty per cent of venues claim it helps them reach a more diverse and younger audience. However, digital technology was only stated by a fifth (20%) of venues as having an impact on reaching more international audience members.

Digital technology has had a major positive impact on a fifth (17%) of theatre organisations and the way they distribute their work. Additionally, when it comes to distribution, around a third (35%) of larger performing groups are live streaming their work, while only fourteen per cent of smaller performance groups report this activity.

In the report’s conclusion, it said:

“The survey findings paint a picture of an arts and cultural sector on a digital journey. A clear majority of organisations report that new technologies are already essential to their marketing, archiving and preservation, and operations.”

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