Survey Reveals Airline Passengers Would Trade Legroom for Wi-Fi

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18th September 2013 11:41 - Information Technology

A Honeywell survey of more than 3,000 travellers in the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore, shows that travellers want Wi-Fi each and every time they fly. Among US respondents, half (55%) said they mostly use in-flight connectivity for personal reasons, while a fifth (22%) used it mostly for professional purposes. Both the UK and Singapore passengers claimed more professional and less personal use.

More than four fifths (86%) of US passengers said every flight should give them the opportunity to check Twitter, update their fantasy football line-up, or send an email. However, when the airplane is Wi-Fi equipped around nine in ten (90%) of all respondents reported that they were frustrated with the connectivity.

A further nine tenths of passengers surveyed said that they would be willing to give something up on their flight, in return for a reliable web surfing experience. One third of US passengers said they would give up the ability to recline their seats, two fifths (38%) would give up their preferred seat, 42% of respondents would exchange peanuts for Wi-Fi, while nearly one-quarter would pass on drinks.

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