Survey Reveals British Facebook Users Care More About Looking Good Than Looking Intelligent

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26th November 2012 12:04 - Information Technology

Results of a recent survey conducted by Intel across Europe and the Middle East have shown that more than half of the Britons who answered preferred to look as good as possible on Facebook. 

A huge 56% admitted this was a priority, which was not the case for the Middle East and the rest of Europe, who were more concerned about appearing intelligent when posting online. 

61% of respondents from those regions said that their main concern was appearing intellectual when sharing views and content on social media sites. 

More than half of Britons also admitted that they wanted to be more like their 'social media personas' than their real selves. 

Telling 'social lies' was also a common feature for Britons online, with 46% of women and 20% of men admitting to only posting 'flattering' images of themselves. 19% of men and 12% of women made themselves appear more fun and outrageous, with the exact same percentages making themselves look more intelligent. 

The reasons for these falsehoods were also revealed, with 59% of men and 56% of women trying to impress other people. 51% of women admitted to acting in this way in an attempt to find love, as opposed to 40% of men, with 45% of women acting to cover up their insecurities. 34% of men admitted to this. 

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