Survey Reveals Many Britons Not Getting the Most from Their Broadband

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16th August 2011 15:35 - Information Technology

A survey of over eight hundred consumers has found that many broadband users in the UK have not seen any improvement in their broadband speeds over the past three years, despite technological advancements.

The poll revealed that approximately 48% of respondents have seen their broadband speeds remain the same, in contrast with almost 70% saying they expect their broadband usage to increase in the future.

An industry official involved with the research commented: “National broadband performance is continuing to rise but clearly many are either failing or unable to take advantage... It’s likely that the reason why half of the UK has yet to benefit from faster speeds is because they live in an area where recent technological advances have yet to reach, such as isolated rural villages. Others may have simply chosen not to upgrade their existing service and thus don’t take advantage of faster speeds, which means that they could be missing out on the lower prices, improved performance and bigger usage allowances being offered by many modern packages and bundles.”

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