Survey Reveals Tablets Popularity in UK Homes

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4th November 2011 18:16 - Information Technology

A survey y CCS Insight has shown that tablets have become a popular British lifestyle choice, with 95% of the 4,500 respondents who took part in the study using their tablet for at least an hour every day.

The Tablet User Survey further discovered that almost 80% of these are sofa surfers who use their tablets in the living room; almost seven in 10 people also use their tablets in the bedroom, while four in 10 surf online in the kitchen.

Martin Garner, Senior VP of Internet at CCS Insight commented on the popularity of tablet use: “Previously, people had to leave the room and sit down at a computer to use the internet. A tablet offers a more convenient and social means of access, allowing users to join in with family activities while remaining online.”

He added: “The internet is now so tightly built into many people's daily lives that they want to continue the connected lifestyle when they take a break from work.”

The study also found that people who don’t own Apple iPad’s tend to use their tablets more than iPad owners. Analysts have suggested that the reason for this is that the cost of 3G tariffs and limited availability of Wi-Fi encourages people to choose ereaders instead, such as Amazon's Kindle.

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