Survey Shows Social Media Causing Major Privacy Concerns in the Workplace

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31st January 2013 15:03 - Information Technology


The seventh instalment of AVG's Digital Diaries surveys, which questioned 4,000 adults in ten countries in relation to cyber-bullying within the workplace, has found the majority of the respondents at 53% believe privacy in the workplace has been eroded by the proliferation of social media.

On average, one in ten of those who took part in the Digital Work Life study said they had uncovered secret discussions about themselves online which were initiated by colleagues using social media, while 11% claimed to have had embarrassing photos or videos taken at a work event and uploaded onto social media sites. These figures were as high as 19% in Spain and 14% in the UK.

In addition, 6% of employees said they had been the subject of unwanted romantic advances through social media, with the number rising to one in ten of all adults surveyed in the US.

This negative impact on employee privacy through the mis-use of online media has forced many of the respondents to switch off or limit their use of social networking accounts.

Of the majority that agreed social media has eroded their privacy at work, nearly a quarter at 24% now avoid posting on the social network platforms that have caused them privacy worries, while 23% choose to limit their posts. Overall, 53% of the surveyants said they are increasingly careful about what they post.

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