Survey Shows Wearable Technology Grows in Popularity

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18th September 2013 11:41 - Information Technology

A recent SSI survey found that wearable technology is set to become popular in mainstream markets within the next two to three years. The study shows that one out of three people were “very” or “somewhat likely” to buy a wearable device.

Of more than 3,600 respondents from seven countries – Australia, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States – weighed in their vision for the future and their interest in wearable computer devices. When asked to select what type of wearable computer device they were most interested in, two thirds (65%) selected the wristband, while half (55%) decided that glasses were more favourable.

Additional SSI survey findings reveal that wearable technology has increased the public’s awareness of privacy, with more than seven tenths (70%) agreeing with the following statement; “due to smartphones and social media, nothing in public is private anymore.” A further three quarters (75%) believe that governments need to create better laws to protect people’s privacy when they are out in public.

However, despite privacy concerns, results shows that technology was mostly positive, with respondents describing it as “interesting” (35%), “convenient” (31%) and “fun” (30%).

Chris Fanning, President and CEO of SSI said:

“This survey is the first of its kind in that it includes respondents using SSI's QuickThoughts™ mobile app, a new type of mobile sampling and data collection solution for marketing researchers… By including QuickThoughts mobile members, SSI survey results produce a more exact cross-section of the population”

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