Survey Uncovers Paradoxical Attitude to Internet Security amongst Britons

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20th November 2012 15:38 - Information Technology


According to a survey of 1,000 UK office workers by global non-profit IT association ISACA, Britons are paradoxically concerned about online privacy while persisting in actions that put their digital security at risk.

A total of 80% of the surveyants who use a computer, tablet, PC or smartphone for work activities feel their online privacy is at risk, while a quarter think that sharing information online is riskier than ever before.

Nevertheless, many respondents continue to perform actions that are known to increase the threat of hackers and malware infections - 23% sometimes use their work email address for Internet shopping, 20% have clicked on links from social media sites, 10% have clicked on links in emails from people they did not know and 16% use the same passwords for work and shopping sites.

Furthermore, if offered that chance to get 50% off a £100 item online, 80% of the office employees who took part in the study said they would be willing to reveal personal information; 59% would give out their email address, 20% would give the name of the street they grew up on, 17% would provide their mother’s maiden name and 7% would even be willing to share their current social media password.

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