Survey finds Brits waste a day per year waiting for PCs to load

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28th November 2016 11:55 - Information Technology

Survey finds Brits waste a day per year waiting for PCs to load: According to a recent IT survey by Microsoft, waiting for old computers to load results in a user wasting a total of one whole day each year.Survey finds Brits waste a day per year waiting for PCs to load

Microsoft explored what frustrates computer users in the United Kingdom the most and revealed that the main cause of their problems was the age of an old computer.

The survey findings also revealed that the average computer in a home is more than three years old and according to Microsoft, older computers take 65 per cent longer to load up. As a result, Microsoft claimed that many British people waste 23.5 hours per year waiting for their computer to load.

The survey findings also uncovered that the respondents, whose computers were three or more years old, spend three and a half times longer trying to fix issues than the average computer users. This included trying to deal with viruses.

Of the respondents with a computer between five and 10 years old, 65 per cent said that they had either shouted at or hit their computer in frustration. A further six per cent said that computer problems had either made them cry or drink.

The research also attributed some of the issues to the age of the user, as well as the age of the computer, with the research findings that those who are over 55 spend more than two hours per month waiting for their computer to load and a further 19 per cent are still using a computer that is at least five years old.

Microsoft also discovered that many people underestimate the modern features which their computers possess, with many of the respondents revealing that they think it will be two years before they will be able to utilise facial recognition on their computer, whereas a further 42 per cent do not think that it is possible to use voice control on a computer.

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