Survey finds UK companies are too passive about data security

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29th October 2015 17:30 - Information Technology

A recent IT survey on behalf of Ilex International has revealed that UK businesses are too passive when it comes to data security, with many Survey finds UK companies are too passive about data securitycompanies being very confident about the defences they already have, even though the threat of cyber-crime is increasing.

The survey – which spoke to IT decision makers – revealed that 24 per cent of the respondents are very confident with their solutions. A further 59 per cent said the same.

The Director of International Strategy at Ilex, Thierry Bettini, revealed that the United Kingdom is a key economic centre and as a result, is a target for cyber-attacks. He added that business’ confidence levels are worrying and "completely misplaced".

Bettini said of the research findings:

"The Breach Confidence Index shows that businesses have a false sense of security which could result in an increase in security breaches. If they don’t think they have been targeted yet, they will be and need to be prepared."

According to the findings, some of the most frequently encountered problems included insider threats (cited by 44 per cent), employee education ( cited by 42 per cent). As well as this 26 per cent cited access control and 24 per cent cited bring your own device (BYOD) or mobile access.

The research also discovered that many companies in the United Kingdom may be underestimating their risk levels, with companies in the UK not being required to report security breaches. Many companies may be unaware that they have been the victim of a cyber-attack.

Amongst the decision makers in the survey, 49 per cent said that their company had not experienced a security break, despite Government figures stating that around 90 per cent of large firms had experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months.

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